About me

Allow me to introduce myself: a simple soul with a handful of talents. I'm an illustrator, a mom to a little one, a wife striving to do her best, and a devoted follower of Jesus.

Back in 2017, a newfound passion found its way into my heart: house plants. And surprisingly, my love for art was rekindled, drawing me into the colorful world of watercolor paintings. This gave birth to "Home by Faith," a project born from a simple desire to share my artistic journey and plant adventures with fellow nature lovers through my Instagram account. Little did I know that this endeavor would grow into something more significant, like hosting the local Markham Plant Swap!

As for my artist tools, I've learned to draw with an iPad using the combination of Procreate and Affinity Designer. I also use Sketch and Photoshop on my desktop to provide that extra touch of flair to my creations.

Now, you might be curious about the story behind the name "Home by Faith." It's quite simple, really. I hold a strong belief that the beauty of our world is orchestrated by God. While I don't understand every facet of his plan for my life, I press on with faith, embracing whatever comes my way. And so, the name "Home by Faith" was chosen. Home is where I find my true self (and where my cherished plant buddies are!), but its essence only truly blossoms when I place my unwavering trust in Jesus.